Wednesday 17th June 1942

Hilda was supposed to meet Don's lad Harry, but he couldn't turn up. Don & I went for a walk & a drink.

Tuesday 16th June 1942

Miserable morning. Don came over in the evening. We did not go out as it rained so much.

Monday 15th June 1942

Don rang me to say he would be over but he didn't come. He must have had to go on Home Guard.

Sunday 14th June 1942

Don asked me to put this day in my diary, as it's one of the days when we realise how very much we both love one another.

Saturday 13th June 1942

Freddie Barnard came up again. Don came up in the afternoon. Went to see "How Green Was My Valley" at the New Vic. Very good film. Girl next to Don sobbed her eyes out.

Friday 12th June 1942

Don came over in the p.m. He's got to pay ½ as much Income Tax again. Played cards with Hilda.

Thursday 11th June 1942

Wynne still on holiday but not been through yet. Don came over in the evening as he's not on Home Guard.

Wednesday 10th June 1942

Went over to Mitcham. Watered all the garden. Don had an interview & gone back to his old HG Company. Quite his old self again.

Tuesday 9th June 1942

Chilly morning. Met Don at the Forum. Quite good films. Liked the new star Alan Ladd. Don caught his last bus home.

Monday 8th June 1942

Sunny but chilly. Don came over straight from work. Freddie Barnard came up. Going [illegible] Ireland. Went for a drink. Got to bed very late.

Sunday 7th June 1942

Went to Don's. Went to Walton on the Hill. Not quite so warm but still nice. Had a bit of a job to get home.

Saturday 6th June 1942

Very hot again. Went over to Don's. Cut the privet & then went for a drink.

Friday 5th June 1942

Lovely day. On Fire Watch in the pm but went home first. Got back about 10pm. Had a private little dance with the Canadians.

Thursday 4th June 1942

Lovely morning. Oscar not in today. Don came over. Went out for a walk. Did not stop out long. Very nice evening.