Saturday 28th February 1942

Met Don at lunchtime. He carried on work & I went shopping. Bought sheets, pillow cases, towels & tea cloths. Don very pleased. Went for a drink in the evening.

Friday 27th February 1942

Saw Fred. Went to see Hellsapoppin [sic]. Did not think a lot of it. Would rather see Hold That Ghost.

Thursday 26th February 1942

Went over to Win Green's & heard that she is in hospital with pleurisy. Don came over later in the evening.

Tuesday 24th February 1942

Worked late. Played Table Tennis in pm. With Mr Mallunder. Won 2 games drew on one & lost another. Don came very late in the evening. Almost finished my companion set. Looks lovely.

Monday 23rd February 1942

Worked late. Did not see Don as he was on Home Guard all night. Went to bed early.

Sunday 22nd February 1942

Up early. Got some cigs & sweets on the way home. Don came over in the afternoon. Did not go out as I was too tired.

Saturday 21st February 1942

Went over to Don's in the afternoon. Went to the Granada & saw Hold That Ghost & Sullivan's Travels. Both very good films. On Fire Watch in pm. Got there about ten. Did not stay up late.

Friday 20th February 1942

The companion set looks much better. Got base & inner tube. Mrs Green was turning out & gave me 3 nice tea spoons.

Thursday 19th February 1942

Don came over in the evening. Started making us a companion set. All had a good laugh because it looked so funny in its raw stages.

Tuesday 17th February 1942

Hilda's 16th Birthday. Did not buy anything but gave her the money instead. Mum & dad took her to the Forum. Don came over in the pm.

Monday 16th February 1942

Played Table Tennis & Danced with the Canadians in the pm. Got home very late so did not stay up long.

Sunday 15th February 1942

Went a walk in the Park in the am. Don came over in the afternoon & we went to see Ida his step-sister. Got a lovely baby boy.

Saturday 14th February 1942

Went out & bought a new hat & coat. Not one coupon left. Don & I went out for a drink in evening.

Friday 13th February 1942

Met Don but it was too late for the Pictures so we went to the Palace. Not a bad show, but very clean & shallow jokes.

Thursday 12th February 1942

Feel very tired. Saw Fred in the evening. Went to the Metropole. Saw "The Chocolate Soldier". Very good. Went & had a drink at Princes. Got me at 10.30.

Wednesday 11th February 1942

On Fire Watch this evening. Played mixed doubles for Shep Bush but not very well.

Tuesday 10th February 1942

Nothing very special happened. Don came over in the evening. Missed his early bus so had to stay till 10.30pm. I’ve got a cold on the chest which has gone all round the family.

Monday 9th February 1942

Hilda starts work again. Finished Cooper's jumper. Don came over in the evening but did not stay late.

Sunday 8th February 1942

Got up late. Feel very poorly. Met Don at 2 from work. Went to his place, came home early. Nice peaceful weekend.

Saturday 7th February 1942

Don came over in the afternoon. Don't feel so good myself. Went to a Battersea Garage dance. Not much good but I enjoyed it.

Friday 6th February 1942

Slippery morning. Did nothing special. Was going to Chelsea Palace, but Hilda didn't want to go at the last minute.

Thursday 5th February 1942

Another cold morning. Nothing very special happened. Don came over in the evening. Had a very jolly evening. Don left quite late.

Wednesday 4th February 1942

Cold morning. Played Table Tennis in the evening. Miss Jackson & I won our 3 doubles but only won 2 games out 6 with Mr. Linsell.

Tuesday 3rd February 1942

More snow falling. Hilda on sick leave. Went over to Don's in the evening. Quite happy over there. Don caught his late bus.

Monday 2nd February 1942

Feeling a bit tired. Not had much sleep. Went home early. Don came over early & we went to the Gaumont. Snow came down again & freezing. Very dangerous.

Sunday 1st February 1942

Sid came home this morning. Came up about eleven. Hilda in bed not so good. Don came over in the afternoon. On Fire Watch in the evening.