Sunday 31st August 1941

Reached Euston at 6am. Can't find cases. Went back to Euston in pm but still can't find them.

Saturday 30th August 1941

Got rest of presents & packed ready to go home. Caught ten o'clock train. Took eight hrs to get home.

Friday 29th August 1941

Don & I saw "On with the Show". Not so bad. Margaret Eaves Dave Morris Sydney [sic] Burchall. Very windy on prom.

Thursday 28th August 1941

Saw "Hullaballoo". Very good show. Teddy Brown, Nervo & Knox. Weather bit wet.

Wednesday 27th August 1941

Went out looking at the shops with Gladys. Went to the Pictures in pm. Planes collided & crashed on Central Station. 15 killed. Saw wreckage. Pelted with rain in p.m. Went dancing in the Winter Gardens.

According to wikipedia two aircraft — a Blackburn Botha trainer and a Boulton Paul Defiant fighter — collided in midair over the sea, just off Blackpool's central seafront. The debris from the collision was strewn over a large area but a large part of it struck Central Station, causing severe damage and killing twelve people.

Tuesday 26th August 1941

Dull brisk morning. Went to the Pleasure Beach in afternoon. Had a lovely time. Went to a supper & dance in pm.

Monday 25th August 1941

Gladys & I went out shopping. Went on cliffs in afternoon. Saw show & went to Tower Ballroom in evening.

Sunday 24th August 1941

Left our luggage & went for walk along the Prom. Went in the waxworks. Scorching hot day. Lazed on beach during afternoon. Strolled out for drink in evening.

Saturday 23rd August 1941

Going away to Blackpool in evening.

Caught a 10.35 train & reached Blackpool at 4.15 am Sunday morning.

Friday 22nd August 1941

Saw Freddie today. Went to Regal, Marble Arch. Saw "Dangerous Moonlight". Very good film. Anton Walbrook & Sally Gray. About a Polish Airman.

Thursday 21st August 1941

Lovely morning. Maybe the weather is going to clear up. Don came over. Went for a walk, but as it was cold did not stop out long.

Wednesday 20th August 1941

Quite a nice morning. Stopped in all evening & went to bed early, for a change.

Tuesday 19th August 1941

Worked late. Don came over very late so did not stay long. Got my emergency ration card.

Monday 18th August 1941

Weather awful. Rain jumping down Don rushed over at 8.20pm. Had to, met Happy & Glad at 8.30. Went to Euston & got our tickets.

Sunday 17th August 1941

Lovely morning but soon changed dull & wet. Went to Mitcham, Streatham, Brixton & Fulham just to find a decent picture.

Saturday 16th August 1941

Weather looks a bit better. Saw Fred & went to the Carlton. Saw "One Night in Lisbon". Freddie liked it, but I didn't.

Friday 15th August 1941

Miserable morning. Dad got my club money for me. Don came over. Just went for a walk.

Thursday 14th August 1941

Beautiful day after yesterday. Don came over very late. He's getting excited about the holiday.

Wednesday 13th August 1941

Another awful morning. Went over to Don's place in the evening. Weather miserable all day.

Tuesday 12th August 1941

Saw Freddie, went to the London Pavilion. Quite a good programme. Went for a drink with Mum & Dad later.

Monday 11th August 1941

Awful wet morning. Freddie Barnard came up. Then Don came. So we all went out for a drink.

Sunday 10th August 1941

Went to Raynes Park where Don played cricket. Weather awful. Blackout 1hr earlier today. Seems funny being so dark.

Saturday 9th August 1941

Don came over at abut 6.30pm but I was not ready till 7 so was too late to go to the pictures. Went for a walk & had a drink.

Friday 8th August 1941

Miserable morning. Pelting with rain. Went to the Dominion with Freddie. Saw "I Wanted Wings". Not bad. Had drink with Mum & Dad later.

Thursday 7th August 1941

Lovely morning. But weather did not remain good. Don came over late so did not go out. Missed his bus hanging about.

Wednesday 6th August 1941

Very dull morning. Didn't do any overtime. Don came over early. Went for a walk but he was in a very mysterious mood.

Tuesday 5th August 1941

Not too bad a morning. On Fire Duty in evening. Very quiet, no warning. Played table tennis up to gone 1a.m.

Monday 4th August 1941

Don came over in the morning, but I wasn’t ready. Went to Chipstead Valley in afternoon Rained so went to Gaumont in pm.

Sunday 3rd August 1941

Up early, met Freddie at Waterloo, went to Dorking North & walked in a circle round back to there. Did about 18mls. Had a lovely day.

Saturday 2nd August 1941

Went to Forum in afternoon with Don, Mum & Hilda. Saw "The Letter", quite good. Went for a drink in evening.

Friday 1st August 1941

Mum had a lovely Read this morning. Went over to Mitcham [where Don's family lives] in the evening. Had a drink then came home.