Tuesday 30th September 1941

Chilly morning. Don came over in the evening. Nearly quarrelled over Civil Service hours. Went out for drink.

Monday 29th September 1941

Dull morning. Start early duty this week. Went out with Fred in the p.m. The films weren't too bad.

Sunday 28th September 1941

Don came over at 11p.m. Awfully tired. Went down the lane. Don stopped all day. Rained very hard in p.m. Freddie Barnard came up.

Saturday 27th September 1941

Don came over early all dressed up in H.G. uniform. He will be out all night. Left soon after 8.30 pm.

Friday 26th September 1941

Miserable morning. Went over to Don's. Came home too late to have a drink.

Thursday 25th September 1941

Don came over in the evening. Nice to see him again. Went for a walk down the embankment. Quite a change.

Wednesday 24th September 1941

Feel much better after my early night. Went to the Metropole with Fred. Saw "Lady Hamilton". Very good.

Tuesday 23rd September 1941

Went to bed at 9.30 pm. First night on my own since before my holiday.

Monday 22nd September 1941

Don came over but I wasn't feeling so well. So I'm not going to see him tomorrow.

Sunday 21st September 1941

Don came over early. Went for a walk to Barnes. Quite a nice evening. Came home & had a drink.

Saturday 20th September 1941

Went to Tottenham to see a Football match with Fred. Arsenal won. Then went to the Astoria. Saw "40,000 Horsemen". Very good, dad would like to see it. All about last war.

Friday 19th September 1941

Payday. Miserable morning. Very cold in this building. Went over to Don's. Broke journey home & had drink.

Thursday 18th September 1941

Worked late. Don came over. Friends again. Just went for a stroll round the block. Lovely night.

Wednesday 17th September 1941

Don came over. Wants me to go to a concert on Saturday but already going out. Nearly rowed all evening.

Tuesday 16th September 1941

Another cold morning. Went to the Empire with Fred. Very good film "Love Crazy". Laughed till I cried.

Monday 15th September 1941

Day seems long so did not work O.T. Don came over after eight. Went out had drink. Very cold.

Sunday 14th September 1941

Don came over about 5pm. Had drink then went to work for Fire Duty. Don didn't want me to go.

Saturday 13th September 1941

Went out in afternoon & bought new hat & shoes. Don came over & we went to Palais but did not stop an hour. Had two cocktails, "Eleven O’clock" & "White Lady". Both very nice.

Friday 12th September 1941

Went over to Don's. Came home, stopped at Princes Head for a drink. Had "Late Night Final". Very nice.

Thursday 11th September 1941

Went early from work. Don came over. Went for a walk. Had a nice drink.

Wednesday 10th September 1941

Worked late. Played Table Tennis & then went over to Don's. Came back fairly late. Quite dark.

Tuesday 9th September 1941

Having day off. Went to Godstone with Freddie. Got some blackberries. Went to the Regal Marble Arch in evening. Two good films.

Monday 8th September 1941

Dull morning. Worked overtime. Don came over late. Went for a short stroll.

Sunday 7th September 1941

Went down the lane. Had late dinner as did not call for Don. He came over after cricket. Freddie Barnard & his pal came up. All went out for drink.

Saturday 6th September 1941

Went to the Forum with Hilda. Saw "A Woman’s Face". Very good indeed. Don came over. We just went out for a drink.

Friday 5th September 1941

Misty morning. Went over to Don's in the evening. Passed quite a nice quiet evening.

Thursday 4th September 1941

Looks as if it's going to be another hot day. Saw Freddie in pm. Went to Paramount & saw "Jeannie". Very good. Lovely moon.

Wednesday 3rd September 1941

Very hot sultry day. Expected a storm but did not get one. Don came over but we did not go out.

Tuesday 2nd September 1941

Don came over but did not go out. Mum went out to Kent & was taken ill on the train but she soon got over it.

Monday 1st September 1941

Back to work not too bad. Don got our cases in the afternoon. He proposed tonight. I love him so.