Sunday 30th November 1941

Don came over in the afternoon. Went to the Gaumont in pm Saw Charles Laughton Carole Lombard in "They Knew What They Wanted". Quite good.

Saturday 29th November 1941

Saw 49th Parrallel [sic] with Don. Very good film. Leslie Howard Lawrence Olivier, Raymond Massey, Anton Walbrook & Eric Portman as the German. We then went to a Benham's dance. Quite a nice day.

Friday 28th November 1941

Saw Fred. Went to Princes Theatre & saw Sydney Howard Arthur Riscoe & Vera Pearce etc. Not a bad show.

Thursday 27th November 1941

Very dark this morning. Don came over. Just went out for a drink.

Wednesday 26th November 1941

Went over to Don's place. Got home quite late. Another lovely night.

Tuesday 25th November 1941

Don came over. Went out for a drink. Quite a nice night. Syd still home on leave.

Monday 24th November 1941

Saw Fred. We went to the Regal Marble Arch & saw a Dr Kildare film.

Sunday 23rd November 1941

On Fire Watch tonight. Nothing exciting happened. Wynne did not turn up.

Saturday 22nd November 1941

Went to the Chelsea Palace with Don. The best show they’ve had up there for weeks. We both enjoyed it very much.

Friday 21st November 1941

Had ½ day annual & went to see "Chu Chin Chow". Lovely costumes liked it very much.

Thursday 20th November 1941

Don on H.G. so had an evening to myself. Very nice. Stopped in and did some knitting.

Wednesday 19th November 1941

Saw Fred. We went to the Astoria. Not bad films. Supposed to meet Sadie & Daisy but we missed them.

Tuesday 18th November 1941

Went over to see Don's mother in the evening. Got home quite late through waiting for buses.

Monday 17th November 1941

Don on H.G. Played table tennis against M of L. Cyril & I didn't do too bad.

On this day... Joseph Grew, the United States ambassador to Japan, cables the State Department that Japan had plans to launch an attack against Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. His cable was ignored.

Sunday 16th November 1941

Raining hard all day. Went over to Don's in the evening. Got home after eleven. People underneath playing cards & kicking up a hell of a din.

Saturday 15th November 1941

Went to the Aldwych with Fred. Saw Mystery Show with the Indian Kuda Bux & Lyle. Quite good. Went to the Carlton in the evening. Saw "Great Man's Lady". Very good film with Barbara Stanwyck Joel McCrea & Brian Donlevy.

Friday 14th November 1941

Up at 7.20 am. Rush to get our breakfast. Don came over in the evening. I was in a bad temper so we rowed most of the night.

Thursday 13th November 1941

Miserable day. On Fire Watch in evening. Nothing happened. Went to bed at 11.45 pm.

Wednesday 12th November 1941

Went to the Metropole with Fred. Saw "Blossoming in the Dust" [sic]. Good film in colour.

Tuesday 11th November 1941

Damp morning. Don came over but had to go early because of the buses.

Monday 10th November 1941

Very wet morning. Did well with our Russian Jumble Sale at work. Played Table Tennis all evening.

Sunday 9th November 1941

Don came over in afternoon. Was going to the pictures but Dad got talking about torches, so didn't go.

Saturday 8th November 1941

Went to Benham's dance. Had a good time. Got home at quarter to one, too late for a bus & couldn't find a taxi till nearly home.

Friday 7th November 1941

Went to Covent Garden with Fred. Met five very lively Canadians. Never seen whisky go so fast.

Wednesday 5th November 1941

Played Table Tennis & got home at 8.30 pm. Don been in since 7.15 pm. He went early. Going to a dance on Saturday.

Tuesday 4th November 1941

Work as usual. Left at 4pm & went to the London Pavilion with Fred. Unusual film called "My Life with Caroline".

Monday 3rd November 1941

Went back to work. On Fire Duty in evening. Wynne came in & told me that Ted was posted as missing after going out Friday.

Sunday 2nd November 1941

Don came over in afternoon. Stopped indoors till evening then went for a drink. Weather freezing.

Saturday 1st November 1941

Did not go to work. Don came over in afternoon. Got remainder of my wool then went to the Gaumont. Air Raid warning 1.15 pm to 11pm. Went to meet Hilda from a dance.