Friday 31st January 1941

On duty all night. No raid alerts during evening. Played darts & table tennis till 12pm. Freddie highly amused.

1940s Table Tennis accessory set

Thursday 30th January 1941

Work as usual. Told we are to do night duty at office for fire duty. Air raid imminents all day.

Wednesday 29th January 1941

Went to the Commodore with Freddie. He walked into a pole going home.

Tuesday 28th January 1941

Worked until 5.30pm. Stopped indoors & did some knitting.

Monday 27th January 1941

Work as usual. Doing overtime again.

Sunday 26th January 1941

Came home from Wynne's at eleven. Went to the pictures in afternoon & saw Aunt Kate etc in the p.m.

Saturday 25th January 1941

Wynne’s birthday party. Enjoyed ourselves very much. Freddie & I stopped all night.

Friday 24th January 1941

Back to work. Not right yet but feeling much better.

Thursday 23rd January 1941

Mum in bed all day. I also have a day’s sick leave.

Wednesday 22nd January 1941

Feel awful must have caught the flu from Hilda. Mum not so good either.

Tuesday 21st January 1941

Nothing exciting happens. Stopped in & finished off my new dress.

1941 Sewing book

Monday 20th January 1941

Had Gin for first time in life & felt awful after a time. Wynne got very drunk. Took her home in Frank’s car.

Sunday 19th January 1941

Wynne's 21st birthday. Stopped indoors all day. Played darts with Syd, Hilda & Dad in evening.

Saturday 18th January 1941

Snow falling very heavy. Went out & got silver key for Wynne.

Friday 17th January 1941

Went to Oxford St with Mac to get Wynne's 21st birthday present. Got a bed-side lamp.

Thursday 16th January 1941

Snow has turned to ice. Start collecting for MacBeth’s wedding present.

Wednesday 15th January 1941

Morning pitch black. Working O/T. Snow fell heavily. World looks quite different, clean, with a bit of snow around. Stopped in pm + did some darning.

Tuesday 14th January 1941

Had ½ day. Went to Metropole with Freddie. Played Monopoly with Freddie, Syd Hilda, Dad. They owed me thousands.

Monday 13th January 1941

Started overtime again. Nights are drawing out.

Sunday 12th January 1941

Stayed in all day. Worked really hard at home.

Saturday 11th January 1941

Went to Gaumont with Mum. Saw "Neutral Port", Will Fyffe & "Cross Country Romance" Gene Autry. Weather rather frosty.
Will Fyffe and Yvonne Arnaud in "Neutral Port"

Also on this day: 117 people were killed in Bank Underground station when it took a direct hit.

Friday 10th January 1941

Hilda goes to Wren House for the day. More incendiaries & H.E's. Dad driving & dodging oil bombs.

Monday 6th January 1941

Hilda sent home. Sending for her when needed.

Sunday 5th January 1941

2nd Great fire of London. Blazes all around. Cornwall Hse hit. Hilda will not have to go to work.

Thursday 2nd January 1941

Went to Commodore with Freddie. Air Raid but very quiet. Beautiful clear night.