Monday 30th June 1941

On Fire Duty tonight. No warning. Early in evening went over to Wynne's. Had to be back by 10.30 pm.

Sunday 29th June 1941

Went to a cricket match at Raynes Park with Don. Enjoyed myself.

Saturday 28th June 1941

Saw Freddie. Went to the Astoria & saw a creepy film. Came home & went for a drink & then Freddie went on to a wedding party.

Friday 27th June 1941

Saw Don, Happy & Gladys. All went for a drink in Wandsworth.

Thursday 26th June 1941

Think I’ll go to Blackpool. Went over to Don’s & then went for walk round Mitcham.

Wednesday 25th June 1941

Lovely morning. Don came over. Wants me to make up a foursome with Happy & Gladys, & go to Blackpool.

Tuesday 24th June 1941

Went to the London Pavilion with Freddie. Quite a good programme. Got him over the allotment. Age of miracles has not passed.

Monday 23rd June 1941

Don met me from work but I was too tired to go out.