Thursday 31st July 1941

Went to the London Pavilion with Freddie. Saw "The Black Cat". Mystery creepie. Very good. Met Mum & dad. Went for drink & Freddie mixed them.

Wednesday 30th July 1941

Lovely morning again, but after lunch turned stormy. Don came over & we went for a walk but rather wet so did not stop out long.

Tuesday 29th July 1941

Didn't go out. Stopped in & did my knitting. Freddie came through. Seeing him Thursday & Sunday.

Monday 28th July 1941

Don came over. Too late to go out, so we stopped in & listened to the wireless.

Sunday 27th July 1941

Don came over. He was a bit mad, but we made it up. Went to Kew & Richmond. Quite nice.

Friday 25th July 1941

In hairdresser's 4.30 to 8.40. Fed up with sight of place. Went to Streatham with Don for tickets but Booking Hall was closed.

Wednesday 23rd July 1941

Lovely morning. Went to the Gaumont with Hilda. Saw "Western Union". Quite a good film. Saw Don later on in the evening.

Tuesday 22nd July 1941

Saw "Black Vanities" with Freddie. Lovely show. Couldn't get in the Metropole to see "The Letter". Must be a good film.

Monday 21st July 1941

Wynne starts her leave today. Weather not too good. Don came over but did not go out.

Sunday 20th July 1941

Don came over but did not go out. Hilda brought the kitten home from Uncle Toni's.

Saturday 19th July 1941

Don came over in the evening. Went to the Chelsea Palace but was a rotten show. Did not hear one word.

On this day: The BBC's "V for Victory" campaign was given the government's seal of approval when Winston Churchill used the phrase in a speech, from which point he started using the V hand sign.

Friday 18th July 1941

Dull morning. Going to Covent Garden with Freddie. Met Don there. He got drunk. Had quite an enjoyable time.

Thursday 17th July 1941

Fire Duty again. Very quiet night. Saw Don for a couple of hours & he brought me back to work.

Wednesday 16th July 1941

Supposed to see Don but he had GH Lecture so he only popped over for a little while.

Tuesday 15th July 1941

Went to the Metropole with Freddie. Saw "Bitter Sweet" & "Cheers for Miss Bishop". Both very good films.

Watch Cheers for Miss Bishop for free at the Internet Archive.

Monday 14th July 1941

Weather much cooler after storm. Not seeing Freddie after all. Went to Regal Waltham Green by myself. Saw "Nice Girl". Not so good as expected.

On this day: Vichy France signs armistice terms, ending all fighting in Syria and Lebanon.

Sunday 13th July 1941

Don came over early as storm came & it was impossible to play cricket. Went West & round Tower, Bermondsey etc. Quite enjoyable.

Saturday 12th July 1941

Went to a dance with Hilda & Don at Holban Hall. Not bad but the time seemed to drag.

Friday 11th July 1941

Another hot airless morning. Don came over in evening. Went to Putney for a drink. Got home quite late.

Thursday 10th July 1941

Went to Egham with Freddie. Lovely ride by coach. Missed last coach by about 2 mins. Came home by bus & train.

Wednesday 9th July 1941

Freddie came through. We're going out tomorrow. Don came over & we went for a walk.

Tuesday 8th July 1941

Lovely morning. Freddie's had a beautiful long weekend. Stopped in during evening for a change.

Monday 7th July 1941

Another lovely day. Sin to be at work. Went over the allotment in the evening.

Sunday 6th July 1941

Went to Raynes Park & watched Don & Happy play cricket. Got quite brown.

Saturday 5th July 1941

Went to the Gaumont with Don & Hilda. Saw "Kipps". Quite good but slow.

Friday 4th July 1941

Went to a Home Guard Dance with Don at the Battersea Town Hall.

Thursday 3rd July 1941

Didn’t go over to Don's so he came rushing over to see what was wrong.

Wednesday 2nd July 1941

Went to the Metropole with Freddie. Saw "Love on the Dole" & "Come Live with Me". Quite a good programme.

Tuesday 1st July 1941

Mum's birthday. Quite a nice day. Got her some roses. But it is so hot that they won't last.