Wednesday 30th April 1941

Stopped in & washed my hair. Got a cold & bad throat.


Tuesday 29th April 1941

Went to the Battersea Town Hall Dance. Saw Don. Met quite a number of people I know. Had a good time. Got home 11.15pm.

Monday 28th April 1941

Stopped in & did some knitting for a change.

Sunday 27th April 1941

Went to the Forum with Don. Then went to Horse & Groom. Got home soon after ten. Quiet night.

Saturday 26th April 1941

Lovely morning but very cold wind. Went to Streatham Hill Theatre with Don. Saw the "Body was Well Nourished" with Jack Buchanan & Elsie Randolph. Very good play. Quite a change to see something worth while. Went down Horse & Groom at Wandsworth. Very jolly crowd.

Friday 25th April 1941

Finished work early. Went to the London Pavilion with Freddie. Saw W C Fields in the Bank Detective. Very weak programme.

Thursday 24th April 1941

Fredie came through first thing. Going out tomorrow. Went down to the Windsor Castle with Don in evening.

Wednesday 23rd April 1941

Work as usual. Played Table Tennis till 6pm. Left dance at 6.15. No good.

Tuesday 22nd April 1941

Lovely morning. Went to dance at Battersea Town Hall. Air Raid. Walked most of way home. Soon all clear.

[added later]

Met Don.

Monday 21st April 1941

Going to Metropole with Freddie. Saw Marlene Dietrich in Seven Summers [sic - assume she means Seven Sinners]. Quite good. Short air raid.

Sunday 20th April 1941

Slept late. Went out for stroll in evening Air Raid 10pm to 10.15pm.

Saturday 19th April 1941

Freddie rang, been on duty almost all the time since Wednesday. Told him to get some sleep so won’t be going out.

Friday 18th April 1941

On Fire Duty all night. Feeling very tired. No Air Raid.

Wednesday 16th April 1941

Worst Blitz of the War. Land Mine at Cranmer Court. 3 bombs in Sydney St & Womens Hospital hit. Chelsea Old Church down to ground, Pensioners hit again. Went to London Pavilion with Freddie. He got home 3.45 a.m.

Tuesday 15th April 1941

Went to Regal in afternoon. Saw No Time for Comedy & Gallant Sons, Got ready for work in the morning.

Monday 14th April 1941

Went over allotment in afternoon. Rang Freddie in evening.

Sunday 13th April 1941

Went to allotment in the morning. Went for a walk with Mum & Hilda in evening.

Saturday 12th April 1941

Saw Freddie today. Saw Virginia, Quite good. Went to the Six Bells in evening. Just opened up after bomb on lawn.

Friday 11th April 1941

Work as usual. Played table tennis before went home.

Thursday 10th April 1941

Pay day a bit early. Had back bonus. Not very much.

Wednesday 9th April 1941

Stopped in during evening. Not feeling too good.

Tuesday 8th April 1941

Went to Metropole with Freddie. Had Air Raid just before he left.

Monday 7th April 1941

Work as usual. Stopped in during evening. Air Raid.

Sunday 6th April 1941

Stopped in all day. Good wireless programmes. Made a pair of gloves.

Friday 4th April 1941

Lovely morning. Sin to be in office. Saw Freddie at office. Went to Gaumont in evening. Saw Boris Karloff in "Before I Hang". Very depressing.

Thursday 3rd April 1941

Went to Dominion with F. Saw George Formby in Spare A Copper [VHS] [1941]. Not so hot. Air Raid Warning at 10.40pm. 2 or 3 after.

Wednesday 2nd April 1941

Went home early, no O/T. Bed early.

Tuesday 1st April 1941

Work. Doing Fire Duty. Played table tennis most of evening. No air raid. Willesdon Junction all lit up.