Tuesday 31st March 1942

Don rang me up in the am. Had a tooth out. Came over in the afternoon. I had 1/2 day. Went to see "Blood & Sand". Not so good.

Monday 30th March 1942

Lovely morning. Played Table Tennis against Twickenham GRP Girls. Just wiped them out. Don came over in the evening. Not looking well.

Sunday 29th March 1942

Don came over. I've got a vile headache. Got rid of it after a couple of aspros. Saw the "Corsican Bros" in the pm. Best film we've seen for a long time.

Saturday 28th March 1942

Don not been to work. Went to the doctors in the morning & to the Hospital to see his uncle in the afternoon. We went to the pictures in the evening. Hilda got a bilious attack again.

Friday 27th March 1942

Went over to Mitcham. Don not so well. He looks like a ghost. His uncle doing O.K.

Thursday 26th March 1942

Cold morning. Don came over. Not feeling so chirpy. Don went early. His uncle given blood transfusion.

Wednesday 25th March 1942

Misty morning but brightens up. Don came over. His uncle had his operation. Think he will pull through.

Tuesday 24th March 1942

Don came through lunch time. Will be coming over tomorrow. He's on HG duties tonight so I stopped in all evening & went to bed early.

Monday 23rd March 1942

Lovely morning. Did nothing very important. On Fire Watch this evening. Played Table Tennis until gone twelve.

Sunday 22nd March 1942

Don came over in the afternoon. Went to the New Vic again. Saw "Dive Bomber". In Technicolour. Very good film. Don left early to do some work.

Saturday 21st March 1942

Had 1/2 day. Went & got Don's ring. Came over in the afternoon & we went to the New Vic in the evening.

Friday 20th March 1942

Went to a YAC meeting in the evening. Went straight over to Don's. His uncle going into the Cancer Hospital tomorrow.

Thursday 19th March 1942

Played TT for warships week. Had Challinor for partner so did not do so good. Don came over later in the evening.

Wednesday 18th March 1942

Lovely morning. Don came through lunch time. His job sounds a bit of a teaser. Came over in the evening.

Tuesday 17th March 1942

Nothing very special happened. Stayed in all evening. Don gone to Head Quarters about new job in H.G.

Monday 16th March 1942

Don came over after HG duties. Did not stay long. He's going to make us a curb.

Sunday 15th March 1942

Don came over in the morning so we went for a walk. Came over again in the afternoon. Freddie Barnard came up. He's going back tomorrow.

Saturday 14th March 1942

Glad that it is 1/2 day. Met Don. Could not get in the pictures so went to the Chelsea Palace. Not very good.

Friday 13th March 1942

On Fire Watch myself this evening. Amy left to go on a VAD at Plymouth. Played Table Tennis most of the evening.

Thursday 12th March 1942

Don on HG duties. Stopped in during evening. Freddie Barnard came over but did not stay long.

Wednesday 11th March 1942

Had 1/2 day. Took Mum to the Gaumont. Saw "Ride Em Cowboy" with Budd Costello & Ron Abbott. Not so good as their 1st film. Don brought in some fish & chips & Freddie Barnard came over later. Not seeing Don till Saturday.

Tuesday 10th March 1942

Win got her release from GPO to join forces. Don came over in evening. Went to the station for Hilda's new pass.

Monday 9th March 1942

Worked late. Went to meet Don but missed him. Quite a nice evening as went the long way home.

Sunday 8th March 1942

Don on HG duty in afternoon so he came over in the pm. He was in a bad temper so didn't stay long.

Saturday 7th March 1942

Went over to Don's. Met some more relations. Went to Benham's for a dance but did not stop long.

Friday 6th March 1942

Went to Royal Hotel, Russell Sq to a dance. Quite a big affair. All the long dresses coming back.

Thursday 5th March 1942

Went to the pictures with Mum. Saw Bette Davis in "The Little Foxes". Very good film. Don came over later in the evening.

Wednesday 4th March 1942

Don't feel so bad. Don came over in the evening. First time I've seem him since Sunday. He missed his early bus so hung around for the late one. Win Green gave me a very nice cake knife.

Tuesday 3rd March 1942

On Fire Watch myself tonight. Played TT myself against Emergency Control. Didn't do very good. Got to bed very late.

Monday 2nd March 1942

Played Table Tennis with Popesgrove. Got home rather late. Don on Home Guard so didn't see him.

Sunday 1st March 1942

Did nothing very special. Stayed in all day. Don came over & Freddie Barnard came in the evening.