Wednesday 31st December 1941

Went over to Don's place. He's not so good. Got in late but in time to see the New Year in.

Tuesday 30th December 1941

Don came over in pm. Had been to the doctor's this morning. Doesn't look at all well.

Monday 29th December 1941

Saw Fred & tried to break the news but couldn't. Dropped some very big hints though.

Sunday 28th December 1941

Met Don at Putney & went to Marg & Bert's to ten. Quite a pleasant evening. Mum & Dad went out with Freddie Barnard.

Saturday 27th December 1941

Went to get my engagement ring this afternoon. Lovely thing. Went to the Palace in evening with Mum & Dad. Dead show.

Friday 26th December 1941

Finished work early. Don Beryl & I went to the Kings Arms at 1p.m. went over to Don's place. Went for a pub crawl in evening.

Thursday 25th December 1941

Don slept the night at our place. Came back in afternoon. Very quiet day but very nice. Don had to sleep at our place again.

Wednesday 24th December 1941

Christmas Eve. Went off early. Beryl, Harry, Wynne, Fred & Don came over. All went up West for a drink. Not very successful.

Tuesday 23rd December 1941

On Fire Watch this evening. Had quite a good time. Beer & crackers for a change. Wynne gave me a very nice TT bat.

Monday 22nd December 1941

Had ½ day. Saw "Gangway" with Fred Bebe Daniels & Ben Lyon. Very good show.

Sunday 21st December 1941

Don came over in the morning but I was not ready. Winnie Johnnie & Don came in afternoon. Doris home from Blackpool.

Saturday 20th December 1941

Beryl has not got engaged yet. Fred has got six stitches in his shin. Don't know how he did it yet.

Friday 19th December 1941

Met Sadie. Went down the Cut then had a drink. Very nice girl. Supposed to go to Don's but too dark so he came over.

Thursday 18th December 1941

Don came over. Mum, Dad & Hilda went to the Palace. Don went late.

Wednesday 17th December 1941

Saw Fred. Went to the Dominion. Saw "Hi Gang" & Andy Hardy film. Had a good laugh.

Tuesday 16th December 1941

Don on Home Guard. Did not go out. Did some of the knitting for Hilda.

Monday 15th December 1941

Very dark morning. Don came over. He tried to get some beer for Christmas.

Sunday 14th December 1941

Got home about nine. Don came over. Hilda Don & I went down the lane. Rained all day so Don stopped all day.

Saturday 13th December 1941

Fred came through seeing him this afternoon. Had drink & tried to get a handbag, but shop was shut. Saw "Hatter's Castle" at the Carlton. Very good film. Went on Fire Watch later in the evening.

Friday 12th December 1941

Very close morning. Got home late. Washed my hair. Don came over late. Brought me a lovely amber & silver necklace. Goes beautifully with my new dress.

Thursday 11th December 1941

Can get a lighter at Selfridges. Got one. Fred got off with his club fine. Went over to Don's. Had drink & came home.

Wednesday 10th December 1941

Had ½ day, but can't get Fred a lighter. Went to the Granville with Mum, Hilda & Fred.

Tuesday 9th December 1941

Went to the Pavilion with Fred & saw "Wild Geese Calling" quite a good film. Had a drink at Princes.

Monday 8th December 1941

Dad's birthday. The coldest day we've had this year. We all went to Knightsbridge & had a drink with Don.

Sunday 7th December 1941

Don came over in afternoon. Hilda Don & I went to the Gaumont. Dad met us as it was snowing & a thunderbolt had dropped quite near.

In other news...

The Japanese attacked the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, with the loss of four ships, 2,402 killed and 1,282 wounded. The attack led directly to American involvement in the war.

On the same day Japan also invaded Thailand and British Malaya, and launched aerial attacks on Hong Kong, Singapore, The Philippines and Shanghai.

Saturday 6th December 1941

Got home early. Lay down in afternoon. Felt very tired. Saw Fred in evening. Went to the metropole. Then got Mum & Dad & went to the Sussex. Very crowded after a time so went to the Grand Grill a new place Fred found. Very nice.

Friday 5th December 1941

Don came over & we went to the Palais. Met Berryl & Eddie. Had quite a nice time.

Thursday 4th December 1941

Dull morning. Fred came through before going on 2 days leave. Mum said tonight that I could join up. Don came over in the evening.

Wednesday 3rd December 1941

Fred's birthday. On fire watch in pm. Wynne received a letter from Ted. Heard that JB Hughes is missing.

Also on this day... Conscription in the United Kingdom now includes all men between 18 and 50. Women will serve in fire brigades and in women's auxiliary groups.

Tuesday 2nd December 1941

Very dark morning. Saw Fred in evening. Went to Regal Marble Arch then went to knightsbridge with Mum & Dad.

Monday 1st December 1941

Got the Account to balance. Stopped in for a change in evening.

Sunday 30th November 1941

Don came over in the afternoon. Went to the Gaumont in pm Saw Charles Laughton Carole Lombard in "They Knew What They Wanted". Quite good.

Saturday 29th November 1941

Saw 49th Parrallel [sic] with Don. Very good film. Leslie Howard Lawrence Olivier, Raymond Massey, Anton Walbrook & Eric Portman as the German. We then went to a Benham's dance. Quite a nice day.

Friday 28th November 1941

Saw Fred. Went to Princes Theatre & saw Sydney Howard Arthur Riscoe & Vera Pearce etc. Not a bad show.

Thursday 27th November 1941

Very dark this morning. Don came over. Just went out for a drink.

Wednesday 26th November 1941

Went over to Don's place. Got home quite late. Another lovely night.

Tuesday 25th November 1941

Don came over. Went out for a drink. Quite a nice night. Syd still home on leave.

Monday 24th November 1941

Saw Fred. We went to the Regal Marble Arch & saw a Dr Kildare film.

Sunday 23rd November 1941

On Fire Watch tonight. Nothing exciting happened. Wynne did not turn up.

Saturday 22nd November 1941

Went to the Chelsea Palace with Don. The best show they’ve had up there for weeks. We both enjoyed it very much.

Friday 21st November 1941

Had ½ day annual & went to see "Chu Chin Chow". Lovely costumes liked it very much.

Thursday 20th November 1941

Don on H.G. so had an evening to myself. Very nice. Stopped in and did some knitting.

Wednesday 19th November 1941

Saw Fred. We went to the Astoria. Not bad films. Supposed to meet Sadie & Daisy but we missed them.

Tuesday 18th November 1941

Went over to see Don's mother in the evening. Got home quite late through waiting for buses.

Monday 17th November 1941

Don on H.G. Played table tennis against M of L. Cyril & I didn't do too bad.

On this day... Joseph Grew, the United States ambassador to Japan, cables the State Department that Japan had plans to launch an attack against Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. His cable was ignored.

Sunday 16th November 1941

Raining hard all day. Went over to Don's in the evening. Got home after eleven. People underneath playing cards & kicking up a hell of a din.

Saturday 15th November 1941

Went to the Aldwych with Fred. Saw Mystery Show with the Indian Kuda Bux & Lyle. Quite good. Went to the Carlton in the evening. Saw "Great Man's Lady". Very good film with Barbara Stanwyck Joel McCrea & Brian Donlevy.

Friday 14th November 1941

Up at 7.20 am. Rush to get our breakfast. Don came over in the evening. I was in a bad temper so we rowed most of the night.

Thursday 13th November 1941

Miserable day. On Fire Watch in evening. Nothing happened. Went to bed at 11.45 pm.

Wednesday 12th November 1941

Went to the Metropole with Fred. Saw "Blossoming in the Dust" [sic]. Good film in colour.

Tuesday 11th November 1941

Damp morning. Don came over but had to go early because of the buses.

Monday 10th November 1941

Very wet morning. Did well with our Russian Jumble Sale at work. Played Table Tennis all evening.

Sunday 9th November 1941

Don came over in afternoon. Was going to the pictures but Dad got talking about torches, so didn't go.

Saturday 8th November 1941

Went to Benham's dance. Had a good time. Got home at quarter to one, too late for a bus & couldn't find a taxi till nearly home.

Friday 7th November 1941

Went to Covent Garden with Fred. Met five very lively Canadians. Never seen whisky go so fast.

Wednesday 5th November 1941

Played Table Tennis & got home at 8.30 pm. Don been in since 7.15 pm. He went early. Going to a dance on Saturday.

Tuesday 4th November 1941

Work as usual. Left at 4pm & went to the London Pavilion with Fred. Unusual film called "My Life with Caroline".

Monday 3rd November 1941

Went back to work. On Fire Duty in evening. Wynne came in & told me that Ted was posted as missing after going out Friday.

Sunday 2nd November 1941

Don came over in afternoon. Stopped indoors till evening then went for a drink. Weather freezing.

Saturday 1st November 1941

Did not go to work. Don came over in afternoon. Got remainder of my wool then went to the Gaumont. Air Raid warning 1.15 pm to 11pm. Went to meet Hilda from a dance.

Friday 31st October 1941

Feel awful this morning. Got my money & went home. Fred came home. Brought me some lovely flowers. We went to the Chelsea Palace.

Thursday 30th October 1941

Very cold. Don came over. Had to leave early. Weather getting very cold but dry. Don came over on his bike.

Wednesday 29th October 1941

Don came over early but had to leave soon after nine because of new bus times.

Tuesday 28th October 1941

Don came over early. Did not go out as it was so cold. Don went home late.

Monday 27th October 1941

Very cold. Went to the Dominion with Fred. Saw a very good film about Paratroops.

[the film could be Parachute Battalion]

Sunday 26th October 1941

Don came over in the afternoon. Stopped in for tea. Went to the Off Licence & played Monopoly rest of evening. Very cold.

Saturday 25th October 1941

Got up at seven but very tired. Went home at 11.30 am. Stopped in during afternoon. Went to the Gaumont with Don. Saw Arthur Askey in "I Thank You". Not bad.

Friday 24th October 1941

Fire Watch. Very quiet. Just played T.T till midnight.

Thursday 23rd October 1941

Saw Fred & we went to Regal. Saw Barnacle Bill, not such good films. Lovely night but bit chilly.

Wednesday 22nd October 1941

Saw "Ladies in Retirement" with Fred. Excellent play. Rushed home saw Don (Fred on Fire Watch). Made Don go home early.

Tuesday 21st October 1941

Played TT in pm. Won 4 games out of 5. Went to bed at ten pm. Quite a change to have early night.

Monday 20th October 1941

Don came over late so did not stay long. Caught early bus.

Sunday 19th October 1941

Don came over in morning. Went to Clapham Common for a drink. Don went on HG at 2pm. Went over his place in evening.

Friday 17th October 1941

Went to Sellhurst Pk for a football match with Fed. Went to the Sussex in pm, with Mum & Dad. Had a good laugh.

Thursday 16th October 1941

Don came over in evening. Did not go out. Mum & Dad went to the Palace.

Wednesday 15th October 1941

Fred brought me a dozen yellow roses. We went to the Chelsea Palace. Best show they’ve had there for weeks. Nellie Wallace, Dick Henderson, his son, & twin daughters & Rawitz & Landuer [sic] on two pianos. Enjoyable evening.

Tuesday 14th October 1941

Came to work in the car. Cold very chesty. Wynne away with cold. Don came over. Brought me 2prs of stockings.

Monday 13th October 1941

Work as usual. Don came over. But we did not go out. My cold not so good.

Sunday 12th October 1941

Don came over early. Went for a walk in Hyde Park then went to the Gaumont. Saw "Virginia City". Not bad.

Saturday 11th October 1941

Early day. Fred came over just after 5pm. Went to the Regal. Saw Bette Davis in "The Great Lie". Very good story. Collected Mum & Dad & all went to Knightsbridge for a drink.

Friday 10th October 1941

Dull morning. Got my sore throat back. In a very bad mood. Sulked with Don, so we went to the Windsor Castle for a drink.

Thursday 9th October 1941

Went back to work but not right yet. Watched Fred play Table Tennis till 9pm. Own side won.

Wednesday 8th October 1941

Went to work but left at 9.30 am. Feeling rotten. Stopped in all day. Don came over but did not go out.

Tuesday 7th October 1941

Misty morning. Not feeling so good. Went to New Vic with Fred, saw Charles Boyer in "Hold Back the Dawn". Quite good.

Monday 6th October 1941

Work again. Don came over early as he was on H.G. Went over to Charlie's for a drink.

Sunday 5th October 1941

Got home early. Went over to Don's for dinner, then went for a ride to Belmont. Very nice & lovely evening.

Saturday 4th October 1941

Finished work at 11.30 am but got to be back at 6.30 pm. As on fire watch. Very quiet night.

Friday 3rd October 1941

Cold morning. Saw Fred in the evening. Went & saw "Nothing But the Truth". Very funny. Went to Knightsbridge & had a drink.

Thursday 2nd October 1941

Misty morning. Don came through at 2.30pm. Cut his thumb, been to Hospital. Came over at 5pm. Went to New Vic. Saw Walt Disney's Reluctant Dragon. Very good.

Wednesday 1st October 1941

Very cold morning. Don came over early. Did not go out. Don caught early bus home.

Tuesday 30th September 1941

Chilly morning. Don came over in the evening. Nearly quarrelled over Civil Service hours. Went out for drink.

Monday 29th September 1941

Dull morning. Start early duty this week. Went out with Fred in the p.m. The films weren't too bad.

Sunday 28th September 1941

Don came over at 11p.m. Awfully tired. Went down the lane. Don stopped all day. Rained very hard in p.m. Freddie Barnard came up.

Saturday 27th September 1941

Don came over early all dressed up in H.G. uniform. He will be out all night. Left soon after 8.30 pm.

Friday 26th September 1941

Miserable morning. Went over to Don's. Came home too late to have a drink.

Thursday 25th September 1941

Don came over in the evening. Nice to see him again. Went for a walk down the embankment. Quite a change.

Wednesday 24th September 1941

Feel much better after my early night. Went to the Metropole with Fred. Saw "Lady Hamilton". Very good.

Tuesday 23rd September 1941

Went to bed at 9.30 pm. First night on my own since before my holiday.

Monday 22nd September 1941

Don came over but I wasn't feeling so well. So I'm not going to see him tomorrow.

Sunday 21st September 1941

Don came over early. Went for a walk to Barnes. Quite a nice evening. Came home & had a drink.

Saturday 20th September 1941

Went to Tottenham to see a Football match with Fred. Arsenal won. Then went to the Astoria. Saw "40,000 Horsemen". Very good, dad would like to see it. All about last war.

Friday 19th September 1941

Payday. Miserable morning. Very cold in this building. Went over to Don's. Broke journey home & had drink.

Thursday 18th September 1941

Worked late. Don came over. Friends again. Just went for a stroll round the block. Lovely night.

Wednesday 17th September 1941

Don came over. Wants me to go to a concert on Saturday but already going out. Nearly rowed all evening.

Tuesday 16th September 1941

Another cold morning. Went to the Empire with Fred. Very good film "Love Crazy". Laughed till I cried.

Monday 15th September 1941

Day seems long so did not work O.T. Don came over after eight. Went out had drink. Very cold.

Sunday 14th September 1941

Don came over about 5pm. Had drink then went to work for Fire Duty. Don didn't want me to go.

Saturday 13th September 1941

Went out in afternoon & bought new hat & shoes. Don came over & we went to Palais but did not stop an hour. Had two cocktails, "Eleven O’clock" & "White Lady". Both very nice.

Friday 12th September 1941

Went over to Don's. Came home, stopped at Princes Head for a drink. Had "Late Night Final". Very nice.

Thursday 11th September 1941

Went early from work. Don came over. Went for a walk. Had a nice drink.

Wednesday 10th September 1941

Worked late. Played Table Tennis & then went over to Don's. Came back fairly late. Quite dark.

Tuesday 9th September 1941

Having day off. Went to Godstone with Freddie. Got some blackberries. Went to the Regal Marble Arch in evening. Two good films.

Monday 8th September 1941

Dull morning. Worked overtime. Don came over late. Went for a short stroll.

Sunday 7th September 1941

Went down the lane. Had late dinner as did not call for Don. He came over after cricket. Freddie Barnard & his pal came up. All went out for drink.

Saturday 6th September 1941

Went to the Forum with Hilda. Saw "A Woman’s Face". Very good indeed. Don came over. We just went out for a drink.

Friday 5th September 1941

Misty morning. Went over to Don's in the evening. Passed quite a nice quiet evening.

Thursday 4th September 1941

Looks as if it's going to be another hot day. Saw Freddie in pm. Went to Paramount & saw "Jeannie". Very good. Lovely moon.

Wednesday 3rd September 1941

Very hot sultry day. Expected a storm but did not get one. Don came over but we did not go out.

Tuesday 2nd September 1941

Don came over but did not go out. Mum went out to Kent & was taken ill on the train but she soon got over it.

Monday 1st September 1941

Back to work not too bad. Don got our cases in the afternoon. He proposed tonight. I love him so.

Sunday 31st August 1941

Reached Euston at 6am. Can't find cases. Went back to Euston in pm but still can't find them.

Saturday 30th August 1941

Got rest of presents & packed ready to go home. Caught ten o'clock train. Took eight hrs to get home.

Friday 29th August 1941

Don & I saw "On with the Show". Not so bad. Margaret Eaves Dave Morris Sydney [sic] Burchall. Very windy on prom.

Thursday 28th August 1941

Saw "Hullaballoo". Very good show. Teddy Brown, Nervo & Knox. Weather bit wet.

Wednesday 27th August 1941

Went out looking at the shops with Gladys. Went to the Pictures in pm. Planes collided & crashed on Central Station. 15 killed. Saw wreckage. Pelted with rain in p.m. Went dancing in the Winter Gardens.

According to wikipedia two aircraft — a Blackburn Botha trainer and a Boulton Paul Defiant fighter — collided in midair over the sea, just off Blackpool's central seafront. The debris from the collision was strewn over a large area but a large part of it struck Central Station, causing severe damage and killing twelve people.

Tuesday 26th August 1941

Dull brisk morning. Went to the Pleasure Beach in afternoon. Had a lovely time. Went to a supper & dance in pm.

Monday 25th August 1941

Gladys & I went out shopping. Went on cliffs in afternoon. Saw show & went to Tower Ballroom in evening.

Sunday 24th August 1941

Left our luggage & went for walk along the Prom. Went in the waxworks. Scorching hot day. Lazed on beach during afternoon. Strolled out for drink in evening.

Saturday 23rd August 1941

Going away to Blackpool in evening.

Caught a 10.35 train & reached Blackpool at 4.15 am Sunday morning.

Friday 22nd August 1941

Saw Freddie today. Went to Regal, Marble Arch. Saw "Dangerous Moonlight". Very good film. Anton Walbrook & Sally Gray. About a Polish Airman.

Thursday 21st August 1941

Lovely morning. Maybe the weather is going to clear up. Don came over. Went for a walk, but as it was cold did not stop out long.

Wednesday 20th August 1941

Quite a nice morning. Stopped in all evening & went to bed early, for a change.

Tuesday 19th August 1941

Worked late. Don came over very late so did not stay long. Got my emergency ration card.

Monday 18th August 1941

Weather awful. Rain jumping down Don rushed over at 8.20pm. Had to, met Happy & Glad at 8.30. Went to Euston & got our tickets.

Sunday 17th August 1941

Lovely morning but soon changed dull & wet. Went to Mitcham, Streatham, Brixton & Fulham just to find a decent picture.

Saturday 16th August 1941

Weather looks a bit better. Saw Fred & went to the Carlton. Saw "One Night in Lisbon". Freddie liked it, but I didn't.

Friday 15th August 1941

Miserable morning. Dad got my club money for me. Don came over. Just went for a walk.

Thursday 14th August 1941

Beautiful day after yesterday. Don came over very late. He's getting excited about the holiday.

Wednesday 13th August 1941

Another awful morning. Went over to Don's place in the evening. Weather miserable all day.

Tuesday 12th August 1941

Saw Freddie, went to the London Pavilion. Quite a good programme. Went for a drink with Mum & Dad later.

Monday 11th August 1941

Awful wet morning. Freddie Barnard came up. Then Don came. So we all went out for a drink.

Sunday 10th August 1941

Went to Raynes Park where Don played cricket. Weather awful. Blackout 1hr earlier today. Seems funny being so dark.

Saturday 9th August 1941

Don came over at abut 6.30pm but I was not ready till 7 so was too late to go to the pictures. Went for a walk & had a drink.

Friday 8th August 1941

Miserable morning. Pelting with rain. Went to the Dominion with Freddie. Saw "I Wanted Wings". Not bad. Had drink with Mum & Dad later.

Thursday 7th August 1941

Lovely morning. But weather did not remain good. Don came over late so did not go out. Missed his bus hanging about.

Wednesday 6th August 1941

Very dull morning. Didn't do any overtime. Don came over early. Went for a walk but he was in a very mysterious mood.

Tuesday 5th August 1941

Not too bad a morning. On Fire Duty in evening. Very quiet, no warning. Played table tennis up to gone 1a.m.

Monday 4th August 1941

Don came over in the morning, but I wasn’t ready. Went to Chipstead Valley in afternoon Rained so went to Gaumont in pm.

Sunday 3rd August 1941

Up early, met Freddie at Waterloo, went to Dorking North & walked in a circle round back to there. Did about 18mls. Had a lovely day.

Saturday 2nd August 1941

Went to Forum in afternoon with Don, Mum & Hilda. Saw "The Letter", quite good. Went for a drink in evening.

Friday 1st August 1941

Mum had a lovely Read this morning. Went over to Mitcham [where Don's family lives] in the evening. Had a drink then came home.

Thursday 31st July 1941

Went to the London Pavilion with Freddie. Saw "The Black Cat". Mystery creepie. Very good. Met Mum & dad. Went for drink & Freddie mixed them.

Wednesday 30th July 1941

Lovely morning again, but after lunch turned stormy. Don came over & we went for a walk but rather wet so did not stop out long.

Tuesday 29th July 1941

Didn't go out. Stopped in & did my knitting. Freddie came through. Seeing him Thursday & Sunday.

Monday 28th July 1941

Don came over. Too late to go out, so we stopped in & listened to the wireless.

Sunday 27th July 1941

Don came over. He was a bit mad, but we made it up. Went to Kew & Richmond. Quite nice.

Friday 25th July 1941

In hairdresser's 4.30 to 8.40. Fed up with sight of place. Went to Streatham with Don for tickets but Booking Hall was closed.

Wednesday 23rd July 1941

Lovely morning. Went to the Gaumont with Hilda. Saw "Western Union". Quite a good film. Saw Don later on in the evening.

Tuesday 22nd July 1941

Saw "Black Vanities" with Freddie. Lovely show. Couldn't get in the Metropole to see "The Letter". Must be a good film.

Monday 21st July 1941

Wynne starts her leave today. Weather not too good. Don came over but did not go out.

Sunday 20th July 1941

Don came over but did not go out. Hilda brought the kitten home from Uncle Toni's.

Saturday 19th July 1941

Don came over in the evening. Went to the Chelsea Palace but was a rotten show. Did not hear one word.

On this day: The BBC's "V for Victory" campaign was given the government's seal of approval when Winston Churchill used the phrase in a speech, from which point he started using the V hand sign.

Friday 18th July 1941

Dull morning. Going to Covent Garden with Freddie. Met Don there. He got drunk. Had quite an enjoyable time.

Thursday 17th July 1941

Fire Duty again. Very quiet night. Saw Don for a couple of hours & he brought me back to work.

Wednesday 16th July 1941

Supposed to see Don but he had GH Lecture so he only popped over for a little while.

Tuesday 15th July 1941

Went to the Metropole with Freddie. Saw "Bitter Sweet" & "Cheers for Miss Bishop". Both very good films.

Watch Cheers for Miss Bishop for free at the Internet Archive.

Monday 14th July 1941

Weather much cooler after storm. Not seeing Freddie after all. Went to Regal Waltham Green by myself. Saw "Nice Girl". Not so good as expected.

On this day: Vichy France signs armistice terms, ending all fighting in Syria and Lebanon.

Sunday 13th July 1941

Don came over early as storm came & it was impossible to play cricket. Went West & round Tower, Bermondsey etc. Quite enjoyable.

Saturday 12th July 1941

Went to a dance with Hilda & Don at Holban Hall. Not bad but the time seemed to drag.

Friday 11th July 1941

Another hot airless morning. Don came over in evening. Went to Putney for a drink. Got home quite late.

Thursday 10th July 1941

Went to Egham with Freddie. Lovely ride by coach. Missed last coach by about 2 mins. Came home by bus & train.

Wednesday 9th July 1941

Freddie came through. We're going out tomorrow. Don came over & we went for a walk.

Tuesday 8th July 1941

Lovely morning. Freddie's had a beautiful long weekend. Stopped in during evening for a change.

Monday 7th July 1941

Another lovely day. Sin to be at work. Went over the allotment in the evening.

Sunday 6th July 1941

Went to Raynes Park & watched Don & Happy play cricket. Got quite brown.

Saturday 5th July 1941

Went to the Gaumont with Don & Hilda. Saw "Kipps". Quite good but slow.

Friday 4th July 1941

Went to a Home Guard Dance with Don at the Battersea Town Hall.

Thursday 3rd July 1941

Didn’t go over to Don's so he came rushing over to see what was wrong.

Wednesday 2nd July 1941

Went to the Metropole with Freddie. Saw "Love on the Dole" & "Come Live with Me". Quite a good programme.

Tuesday 1st July 1941

Mum's birthday. Quite a nice day. Got her some roses. But it is so hot that they won't last.

Monday 30th June 1941

On Fire Duty tonight. No warning. Early in evening went over to Wynne's. Had to be back by 10.30 pm.

Sunday 29th June 1941

Went to a cricket match at Raynes Park with Don. Enjoyed myself.

Saturday 28th June 1941

Saw Freddie. Went to the Astoria & saw a creepy film. Came home & went for a drink & then Freddie went on to a wedding party.

Friday 27th June 1941

Saw Don, Happy & Gladys. All went for a drink in Wandsworth.

Thursday 26th June 1941

Think I’ll go to Blackpool. Went over to Don’s & then went for walk round Mitcham.

Wednesday 25th June 1941

Lovely morning. Don came over. Wants me to make up a foursome with Happy & Gladys, & go to Blackpool.

Tuesday 24th June 1941

Went to the London Pavilion with Freddie. Quite a good programme. Got him over the allotment. Age of miracles has not passed.

Monday 23rd June 1941

Don met me from work but I was too tired to go out.