Sunday 22nd June 1941

Went to Hampton Court with Don. Weather is too hot. Not a breath of air anywhere.

In other news: Germany invades the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa.

Saturday 21st June 1941

Work as usual. Went to the Forum with mum & stopped in rest of evening.

Friday 20th June 1941

Actually going out for a walk with Freddie. Went to Hampstead Heath & Ken Wood. Very nice. It made a lovely change.

Thursday 19th June 1941

Went out for a long hike with Don. We certainly covered some ground. Still having lovely weather.

Wednesday 18th June 1941

Don came over late so we did not go out. Very hot sultry evening.

Tuesday 17th June 1941

Another lovely day. Getting quite sunburnt. Went to Gaumont Haymarket with Freddie. Had quite a nice evening.

Monday 16th June 1941

Don came over unexpectedly. Met Dad from work. Had drink & came home. Been a beautiful day.

Sunday 15th June 1941

Don, Kate, Gladys, & Freddie Barnard came over to tea. Don & I did not go out after.

Saturday 14th June 1941

Went to the Gaumont with Mum in the afternoon. Went to the Palace with Don, his mother & cousin in the pm.

Friday 13th June 1941

Very cold. Don came over but we didn't go out.

Thursday 12th June 1941

Had ½ day. Went to the Plaza & Covered Garden. Had a lovely time during evening. Freddie & I both enjoyed ourselves very much.

Wednesday 11th June 1941

Lovely morning. Freddie came through. Might get tomorrow afternoon off.

Tuesday 10th June 1941

On Fire Duty tonight. Pelting with rain this morning. Worked till 8pm. No air raid.

Monday 9th June 1941

Don came over. It's rained all day. Freddie wanted me to go out. But I'm seeing him Thursday.

Sunday 8th June 1941

Went to see Don's relations at Kingsbury. Came home at eight. Aunt Kate & Uncle Fred came up. All went out for drink.

Saturday 7th June 1941

Saw City of Conquest at the Forum. Very good. The best film I’ve seen for weeks. Stopped in during evening.

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Friday 6th June 1941

Saw Don at Wandsworth. Just had a couple of drinks. But we enjoyed ourselves.

Thursday 5th June 1941

Funny morning after a violent storm & air raid. Saw Don & went to Chelsea Palace. Not very good.

Wednesday 4th June 1941

Freddie came through. Went to the London Pavilion. Saw "Topper Returns" quite good. A really enjoyable evening.

Tuesday 3rd June 1941

Awfully cold morning. Went over to Don’s place during evening. Quite enjoyable.

Monday 2nd June 1941

Don came over in afternoon. Went to Streatham Hill Theatre with Happy & Gladys.

Sunday 1st June 1941

Clothes rationing came in. Went to Richmond & Wandsworth & Putney with Don.