Thursday 30th April 1942

Don on HG again. Stopped in all evening & had a lazy time.

Wednesday 29th April 1942

Went over to Ida’s after work. Don came on later from work. Quite a nice evening.

Tuesday 28th April 1942

Stopped in this evening as Don is on HG duties. Did nothing special.

Monday 27th April 1942

Don came over in the evening. Went for a walk. Usual Mondayish feeling. Worked late. Hilda came on the walk with us.

Sunday 26th April 1942

Got up at 9am. Went over to Mitcham in the afternoon. Went to the West End in the pm. Don left at 10pm as he’s been up all night.

Saturday 25th April 1942

Met Don at 4pm. Went to Mitcham. There at 7pm & went over to Ida’s with Johnnie’s bicycle. Left at 8.30pm as Don on HG at 9pm. Got home at 9.40pm. Was still ***ing ***y at 12 o’clock.

Friday 24th April 1942

Don came over tonight. Went for a walk & had a drink in the Nelson. Quite a good evening.

Thursday 23rd April 1942

Left work at 4pm. Mum Hilda & I went to the Gaumont. Saw "Hot Spot", but not so good as [illegible].

Wednesday 22nd April 1942

Fire Watch this evening Played Table Tennis most of the evening with Wynne, Mr Walker & Mr Dix. Mouse kept us awake most of night.

Tuesday 21st April 1942

Went to the Forum with Mum & Dad. Saw "Man Power" & Somewhere in Camp". Very good films. Enjoyed them very much.

Monday 20th April 1942

Met Don at Wandsworth & we went to the [illegible]. [illegible] & "Touch of Fervour" [?]. Very good films. Don went straight home.

Sunday 19th April 1942

Met Don at [illegible] at Wandsworth & we [illegible]

Saturday 18th April 1942

Don came over in the afternoon. Mum Dad Don & I went to see old Mother Ridley. Don & I went out half time for a drink & didn't go back. Didn't think that much of what we saw.

Friday 17th April 1942

Don came over later in the evening. Mum Don & I went out for a drink. Don went on the last bus.

Thursday 16th April 1942

Don on HG duty. Stopped in all evening. Mum & Hilda went to the Forum. Dad also went on Home Guard.

Wednesday 15th April 1942

Went over to Don's. Watering the garden & did the odd jobs. Not feeling so good, but hope to feel better soon.

Tuesday 14th April 1942

Left work at four & mum persuaded me to go to the doctors. Went over the allottment [sic] later. Felt quite hungry when I got home.

Monday 13th April 1942

Played Table Tennis for Shepherd's Bush. Got home at 9.30 pm. Don been there since 8.30 pm. Don't feel so good.

Sunday 12th April 1942

Don came over in the pm but would not stop to dinner. Came back in a [illegible] but I did not go on Fire Watch in pm. We all went out for a drink.

Saturday 11th April 1942

Registered this am. Didn't ask any questions except date of birth & job. Went over to Don's. Left it too late to go out so just had a drink.

Friday 10th April 1942

Don came over in pm. His uncle buried this afternoon. Lovely afternoon. Went over to Mitcham in evening.

Thursday 9th April 1942

Saw Fred in the pm. Saw "Get a Load of This" but thought it was tripe. Fred on Fire Watch so got in at 9.30pm.

Wednesday 8th April 1942

Don came through in am. Not at work again – been to doctor's. He came over early & we went to the Metropole & saw Bob Hope in "Louisiana Purchase". Very good.

Tuesday 7th April 1942

Surprise Freddie Radford came through. Been on sick leave. Wants me to go out Thursday. Did not see Don as he is on Home Guard Lecture.

Monday 6th April 1942

Stayed in bed late. Don came over early. Went into town but it was crowded so went to Hampton Court. Had a very nice time.

Sunday 5th April 1942

Don's uncle died at nine o'clock this morning. Mrs Foord & I arrived at the hospital at eleven. Evelyn & Jack & Don's mum came up for a cup of tea.

Saturday 4th April 1942

Went to meet Don's mum at the Hospital. Don's uncle very ill. Don's mum & Marjorie came back for a cup of tea. Don & I left it too late to go to the dance so we stopped in at Mitcham. Don's Mum came in at eleven. We all went to bed very late.

Friday 3rd April 1942

Don's 20th Birthday. Worked all day. Gave Don his ring. Went for a drink at Putney. Felt quite sleepy on one 1/2 pint & a cigarette.

Thursday 2nd April 1942

Lovely morning. On Fire Watch. Played Table Tennis all evening. Went to bed very late. Main Water Pipe burst outside. Made a nice mess.

Wednesday 1st April 1942

Hilda still ill with gastric flu. Don came over early & we went to see Ida. Full moon & a glorious night.