Friday 31st October 1941

Feel awful this morning. Got my money & went home. Fred came home. Brought me some lovely flowers. We went to the Chelsea Palace.

Thursday 30th October 1941

Very cold. Don came over. Had to leave early. Weather getting very cold but dry. Don came over on his bike.

Wednesday 29th October 1941

Don came over early but had to leave soon after nine because of new bus times.

Tuesday 28th October 1941

Don came over early. Did not go out as it was so cold. Don went home late.

Monday 27th October 1941

Very cold. Went to the Dominion with Fred. Saw a very good film about Paratroops.

[the film could be Parachute Battalion]

Sunday 26th October 1941

Don came over in the afternoon. Stopped in for tea. Went to the Off Licence & played Monopoly rest of evening. Very cold.

Saturday 25th October 1941

Got up at seven but very tired. Went home at 11.30 am. Stopped in during afternoon. Went to the Gaumont with Don. Saw Arthur Askey in "I Thank You". Not bad.

Friday 24th October 1941

Fire Watch. Very quiet. Just played T.T till midnight.

Thursday 23rd October 1941

Saw Fred & we went to Regal. Saw Barnacle Bill, not such good films. Lovely night but bit chilly.

Wednesday 22nd October 1941

Saw "Ladies in Retirement" with Fred. Excellent play. Rushed home saw Don (Fred on Fire Watch). Made Don go home early.

Tuesday 21st October 1941

Played TT in pm. Won 4 games out of 5. Went to bed at ten pm. Quite a change to have early night.

Monday 20th October 1941

Don came over late so did not stay long. Caught early bus.

Sunday 19th October 1941

Don came over in morning. Went to Clapham Common for a drink. Don went on HG at 2pm. Went over his place in evening.

Friday 17th October 1941

Went to Sellhurst Pk for a football match with Fed. Went to the Sussex in pm, with Mum & Dad. Had a good laugh.

Thursday 16th October 1941

Don came over in evening. Did not go out. Mum & Dad went to the Palace.

Wednesday 15th October 1941

Fred brought me a dozen yellow roses. We went to the Chelsea Palace. Best show they’ve had there for weeks. Nellie Wallace, Dick Henderson, his son, & twin daughters & Rawitz & Landuer [sic] on two pianos. Enjoyable evening.

Tuesday 14th October 1941

Came to work in the car. Cold very chesty. Wynne away with cold. Don came over. Brought me 2prs of stockings.

Monday 13th October 1941

Work as usual. Don came over. But we did not go out. My cold not so good.

Sunday 12th October 1941

Don came over early. Went for a walk in Hyde Park then went to the Gaumont. Saw "Virginia City". Not bad.

Saturday 11th October 1941

Early day. Fred came over just after 5pm. Went to the Regal. Saw Bette Davis in "The Great Lie". Very good story. Collected Mum & Dad & all went to Knightsbridge for a drink.

Friday 10th October 1941

Dull morning. Got my sore throat back. In a very bad mood. Sulked with Don, so we went to the Windsor Castle for a drink.

Thursday 9th October 1941

Went back to work but not right yet. Watched Fred play Table Tennis till 9pm. Own side won.

Wednesday 8th October 1941

Went to work but left at 9.30 am. Feeling rotten. Stopped in all day. Don came over but did not go out.

Tuesday 7th October 1941

Misty morning. Not feeling so good. Went to New Vic with Fred, saw Charles Boyer in "Hold Back the Dawn". Quite good.

Monday 6th October 1941

Work again. Don came over early as he was on H.G. Went over to Charlie's for a drink.

Sunday 5th October 1941

Got home early. Went over to Don's for dinner, then went for a ride to Belmont. Very nice & lovely evening.

Saturday 4th October 1941

Finished work at 11.30 am but got to be back at 6.30 pm. As on fire watch. Very quiet night.

Friday 3rd October 1941

Cold morning. Saw Fred in the evening. Went & saw "Nothing But the Truth". Very funny. Went to Knightsbridge & had a drink.

Thursday 2nd October 1941

Misty morning. Don came through at 2.30pm. Cut his thumb, been to Hospital. Came over at 5pm. Went to New Vic. Saw Walt Disney's Reluctant Dragon. Very good.

Wednesday 1st October 1941

Very cold morning. Don came over early. Did not go out. Don caught early bus home.