Saturday 31st January 1942

Hilda did not go to work. Don came over in the afternoon. We went to the pictures in the evening. Got some more very nice wool.

Friday 30th January 1942

Got another Savings certificate. Don came over in the evening. Hilda not feeling so good. Went to bed as soon as she got in.

Thursday 29th January 1942

Finished the Accounts so can rest peaceful again. Don came over in the evening he was too late to meet me from work.

Wednesday 28th January 1942

Don & Hilda went out in the afternoon. Dad bathed Don's arm & nearly made him pass out so Don stopped all night.

Tuesday 27th January 1942

LTR dance tonight. Very cold morning. Waited for Don in the rain but he was already in the dance. Quite a friendly crowd & much better than I expected.

Monday 26th January 1942

Quite a cold day. Don on sick leave for a boil on his wrist. He went to the Warner in the afternoon & we went to the Metropole in the p.m. Two good films.

Sunday 25th January 1942

Got up late. Went to Rose Hill & had a drink. Had late dinner & then came home. Don caught his late bus home.

Saturday 24th January 1942

Don came over in afternoon. His hand is a miniature mountain. It must be an abcess or a boil. Went to a dance at Mitcham & stayed at Don's place in the evening.

Friday 23rd January 1942

More snow fell during night. Rained during day. Washed all the snow away. Don came over in evening. His hand swelling badly.

Thursday 22nd January 1942

Very cold morning feel very tired. On Fire Watch tonight. Played table tennis in evening, but did not go to bed late.

Wednesday 21st January 1942

Snow very thick still. Went to see Gangway again with Freddie Beryl & the Gang. Had dinner at the Griffin in Villiers St. Had a very nice time.

Tuesday 20th January 1942

Feel awful. Snow very thick on the ground. As the day went on felt better. Don came over in the evening but did not stay long.

Monday 19th January 1942

Horrible morning. Went to the Doctor. Says that I'm suffering from chronic nasal trouble. Feel pretty rotten. Don came over for a little while.

Sunday 18th January 1942

Slept late. Got up & went over the allotment with Dad. Had dinner. Don came over. Had our tea & went to the Gaumont. Enjoyed the films for a change.

Saturday 17th January 1942

Going to Wembley. Bit cold. Met Fred. Quite a lively crowd at the Match. England one 3-0 Scotland didn't seem to play at all. Went up West & saw the films at the Carlton. Saw "World Premiere" & "Among the Living". Quite good films. One funny & the other creepy.

Friday 16th January 1942

Cold day. Went over to Don's early. Snow still quite thick over there. Left early as buses don't run so frequent.

Thursday 15th January 1942

Cold morning. Not a bad day. Felt better as the day went on. Don came over but had to go on HG duties, so only stayed about ½ hr.

Wednesday 14th January 1942

Having a day off. Met Beryl in afternoon. Went to see "Sergeant York". Quite a good film. Very cold, snow frozen on ground. Stopped in during evening.

Tuesday 13th January 1942

Fred rang me this morning. Wanted to know if I'm going to Wembley on Saturday with him. Don't feel so good. Caught a cold. Went to the Chelsea Palace with Don.

Monday 12th January 1942

Got my ½ day so won't be on fire watch tonight. Don came over at 3pm. Went the Regal, Fulham, but very poor films. Snowed quite hard in the evening.

Saturday 10th January 1942

Very cold morning but not icy. Don came over in afternoon, been to doctor's, who put him on sick leave. Went to the Carlton but not very good film.

Friday 9th January 1942

Very damp morning but not icy. Don came over early. Cut his wrist & got a swollen right hand. Has made him feel rotten so he left early. Dad got home early than was expected.

Thursday 8th January 1942

Icy morning. Buses slipping all over the place. Opening windows every hour in the office, draughty idea. Went over Don's in pm. He's feeling very happy. Got home quite early.

Wednesday 7th January 1942

Very cold morning. Quite a pleasant day at work. Don came over straight from work, so he went early. Reg Hancock going back to Army.

Tuesday 6th January 1942

Moonlight morning. Fred came through. Going to see "Lady Behave". Very good indeed I laughed all the way through. Fred appears to be rather full up inside.

Monday 5th January 1942

Told Fred about our engagement. He took it very well. Wants to see me tomorrow to celebrate. Don came over in evening. We were supposed to be having a party tomorrow to get rid of the beer that's left.

Sunday 4th January 1942

Got up about 8.15am. Had breakfast went for a walk across the Common with Don, Mum, Hilda. Don & I came home at 1pm. Had forty winks during afternoon on sofa.

Saturday 3rd January 1942

Got up late. Very drizzly morning. Got an hour off so leaving at 10.30am. Having an engagement party at Don's today. Jack came home from Spain today. So it was really a double party. Kept it up till about 4am.

Friday 2nd January 1942

Not too bad a day. On Fire Watch in evening. Got permission & went down the Palais for a couple of hours. Had quite a nice time.

Thursday 1st January 1942

Very dark morning. Saw the New Year in with a drop of Don's special port. Hope he feels better today. He came over late in evening & is very much brighter.

Sunday 11th January 1942

Don came over in the am but we did not go to the East India Docks as Mum was not well. Stayed in all day. Wants me to have a ½ day tomorrow as he's on leave.