Friday 28th February 1941

Freddie rang. Probably going out tomorrow evening. Sirens went at 8.20 pm.

Thursday 27th February 1941

Work as usual. Didn't stop on overtime. Stopped in during evening.

Wednesday 26th February 1941

Aunt Lizzie died. Another air raid fairly lively. Bitterly cold all day & night.

Tuesday 25th February 1941

Had half day. Went to pictures & Palais with Freddie. Very good time.

Monday 24th February 1941

Overtime again. Stopped in & washed hair.

Sunday 23rd February 1941

Got up late. Went to pictures in afternoon. Mum & dad went on allottment.

Saturday 22nd February 1941

Went to pictures in afternoon. Got remainder of wool for coatee. Stopped in during evening.

Friday 21st February 1941

Work. Feeling rather muzzy. Freddie came up to office. Went to bed at eleven & slept like a log.

Thursday 20th February 1941

On fire duty tonight. Very lovely night. On roof 1.20am to 2.45am. Lovely up there, Beautiful stars for astrologers.

Wednesday 19th February 1941

Went to Warner Cinema with Freddie. Saw the "Road to Frisco". Very good acting. Went on to Hammersmith Palais with Hilda, Doris, Syd & Freddie. Another air raid warning. Only for a couple of hours.

Tuesday 18th February 1941

Stopped in all evening. No air Raid.

Monday 17th February 1941

Hilda's 15th birthday. Went to Hammersmith Palais. Hilda enjoyed it. She had couple of rivals after her. Air Raid warning.

Sunday 16th February 1941

Went to the Gaumont in afternoon. Stopped in rest of day.

Saturday 15th February 1941

Freddie Taylor rang up. Saw him & went to Waterloo to see him off. Couldn't get F.R. for him.

Friday 14th February 1941

Pay day. Rang Freddie about his cigs. He forgot.

Thursday 13th February 1941

Had ½ day. Went up city with Freddie. Went to Met. Saw Wallace Beery in Bad Man of Wyoming. Very happy evening.

Wallace Beery in "Bad Man of Wyoming"

Wednesday 12th February 1941

Work as usual. Doing O/T. Stopped in during evening.

Tuesday 11th February 1941

Up early. Glad to get home. Another warning in middle of night.

Monday 10th February 1941

On fire duty. Warning at 10.15 p.m. Off in ¾ hr. Played darts till 12pm table tennis till 1 a.m.

Sunday 9th February 1941

Stopped in all day. Mum & Dad went digging.

Saturday 8th February 1941

Went to the Forum with Mum. Stopped in during evening.

Friday 7th February 1941

Went to mac's place to see her linen. Enough for 6 brides not one.

Thursday 6th February 1941

Went & got Mac's wedding present, bureau. Finished Mrs. Waterman's jumper.

Wednesday 5th February 1941

Went to Gaumont with Mum & Hilda. Saw Gasbags. Not so good.

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Tuesday 4th February 1941

Snow freezing again. Went to Metropole with Freddie. He’s going to have terrible hrs week after next.

Monday 3rd February 1941

New hrs begin today. Not so bad. Stopped in knitting as usual. Air Raid last thing at p.m.

Sunday 2nd February 1941

Got up late. Went over allotment with Mum & Dad in afternoon.

Saturday 1st February 1941

Up at 6.30 am. Playing table tennis by 7.30 am. Saw "Brigham Young" in the afternoon. Stopped in during evening.

On this day: Recognizing a need to protect merchant ships in the Atlantic, the U.S. Navy creates the Atlantic Fleet, with Rear Admiral Ernest J. King commanding.