Monday 31st March 1941

Work as usual. Now working 8 to 5. Went to Metropole with Freddie, saw North West Mounted Police. Very good, lovely colouring.

Sunday 30th March 1941

Stopped in bed late. Did not go out.

Saturday 29th March 1941

Went to Regal Walham Green with Syd & Hilda. Saw Date with Destiny, quite good.

Thursday 27th March 1941

Freddie came down to office. Sliding all over floor owing to French chalk for dancing class night before.

Wednesday 26th March 1941

Wynne had ½ day. I was on overtime. Boss had ½ day.

Tuesday 25th March 1941

Overtime again. Did nothing special.

Monday 24th March 1941

Had ½ day & went to Metropole with Freddie. Pictures not very good. Went to Palais in evening.

Sunday 23rd March 1941

Went to the pictures with Syd & Hilda. Aunt Kate wasn’t in when we went down in evening.

Saturday 22nd March 1941

Work as usual. Didn’t do anything special.

Friday 21st March 1941

Work again. Bought new pair of shoes. Went round Aunt Mary’s to help clear up.

Thursday 20th March 1941

Had ½ day. Saw Gordon Harker in Once a Crook, had tea, & went to Metropole. Think Freddie enjoyed himself.

Wednesday 19th March 1941

Had ½ day. Went to the pictures with mum. Went to Aunt Mary’s & stripped her wall. Very heavy raid.

On this day: a 500 bomber raid on the docks and East End of London killed 750 people and injured over a 1000 people seriously.

Tuesday 18th March 1941

Work as usual. Jerry came over after 11p.m. Very heavy raid.

Monday 17th March 1941

Went round Aunt Mary’s in evening. Weather very cold. No air raid for a change.

Sunday 16th March 1941

Got home at 9.30 am. Went to the pictures in evening.

Saturday 15th March 1941

Freddie came through this morning. He’s having terrible hrs next week. Going to the pictures next Thursday with him. On Fire Duty all night. Went on roof 9.30 to 10.30. Very quiet. Played table tennis till one.

Friday 14th March 1941

Stopped in all evening. Very quiet. Jerry came over again.

Thursday 13th March 1941

Stopped in all evening. Jerry paid us another visit. Dad on all night duty.

On this day: Glasgow is hit by its first significant air raid of the war. Because Clydebank, Scotland, with its vast areas of dockland, lay so far north, its citizens dared to hope that they were safely beyond the range of German bombers. However, on the nights of March 13-14 and 14-15, they were disabused of any such hopes when 400 bombers dropped more than 500 tons of high-explosive bombs and 2,400 incendiaries on Clydebank. In addition to devastating the docks, only eight of 12,000 houses escaped damage. Approximately 35,000 people became homeless and more than 1,000 were killed. The resulting fires were visible 100 miles away.

Wednesday 12th March 1941

Had ½ day. Saw Applesauce, had some tea & went to Metropole. Had a good time.

Tuesday 11th March 1941

Work as usual. Feel rotten. Stopped in all evening. Did nothing exciting.

Monday 10th March 1941

Freddie came through. If Hitler permits going to see Applesauce with Freddie on Wednesday afternoon.

Sunday 9th March 1941

Stopped in all day. Blitz not so heavy during evening.

Saturday 8th March 1941

Blitz came back to London in evening. Fairly lively. Had my ends permed. Doesn’t look so bad.

On this day: The Cafe de Paris, London's most fashionable nightclub, was packed out. Officers on leave and their girlfriends, a wedding party and a birthday party danced to the music of 'Snakehips' Johnson. Nobody bothered when the sirens wailed, the nightclub was underground and they felt safe. Anyway, there was a war on and everybody was determined to have a good time while they were still alive. Just before 10 o'clock a bomb crashed through the roof and exploded on the dance-floor - killing 33 of the revellers and wounding scores more. 'Snakehips' was decapitated. Among the dead were all the people around one table; their open bottle of champagne still sanding upright in the centre, with not a drop spilt.

Friday 7th March 1941

Still raining. Being given another war Bonus. Means more income tax. Went to H.P with Freddie Hilda & Peter. Wynne with the RAF.

Friday 28th March 1941

Went to Metropole with Freddie. Quite good films. Had drink in Windsor Castle. Raining very hard.

Thursday 6th March 1941

Pouring with rain in morning. Elsie & Fred came up during evening.

Wednesday 5th March 1941

Nothing exciting happened. Aunt Lis buried & baby Elise goes in St Lukes with pneumonia. Freddie not in office.

Tuesday 4th March 1941

Had ½ day. Went to Dominion with Freddie. Didn't go to H.P. didn't feel like it. Got a photograph at last.

Monday 3rd March 1941

Freddie came up to office. Fred, Elsie & baby came up. Left very late.

Sunday 2nd March 1941

Went to allotment in afternoon. Freddie & Elsie & baby came round. Went out for a drink then went to Aunt Mary’s.

Saturday 1st March 1941

Work as usual. Went to Dominion with Freddie in evening. Air Raid as we came out. Nothing happened very quiet.