Saturday 31st May 1941

Another miserable morning. Freddie came over early. Went to the Metropole. Came home & went down the Pier Hotel with Mum & Dad. All enjoyed ourselves. Gave Freddie his pullover.

Friday 30th May 1941

Went out & bought my new dress, then went to the Gaumont by myself. Not bad films.

Thursday 29th May 1941

Miserable morning again. Don came over. Went for a walk in the rain. Not seeing him till Sunday.

Wednesday 28th May 1941

Quite a nice morning. Went to the Dominion with Freddie. He & Mrs. Green both gave me a present.

Tuesday 27th May 1941

My 19th birthday. Freddie came through. Thinks my birthday tomorrow. Don came over. Went out with Mum & Dad for a drink.

In other news... The Bismarck was sunk by the British.

Monday 26th May 1941

Awful weather. Don came over. Stayed in because it was so wet.

Sunday 25th May 1941

On Fire Duty all day. Don met me. Didn't go anywhere special. Just called in for a drink.

Saturday 24th May 1941

Went to a Home Guard Dance with Don, Hilda & Doris. Enjoyed myself very much.

In other news: HMS Hood was sunk by the Bismarck. Of the 1,418 crew on board, only three survived, pulled from the sea two hours after the explosion which sank the ship.

Image source.

Friday 23rd May 1941

Went to the Plaza. Saw the Lady Eve. Quite good. Very funny. Freddie lost his gloves this morning. Bet he doesn't go to Baker St for them.

Thursday 22nd May 1941

Freddie came through so we will be going out Friday. Stopping in during evening.

Wednesday 21st May 1941

Don came over. Stopped in & finished Cooper's knitting.

Tuesday 20th May 1941

Met Freddie. Went the Odeon. Saw "Chad Hanna". Quite good. In technicolour. Hope to see Freddie Friday.

Monday 19th May 1941

Don came over & we went to Chelsea Palace. Not so bad this week. Was going out with Freddie but he had to work.

Sunday 18th May 1941

Don came over in the afternoon. Went for a walk, had tea, then went over to his place.

Saturday 17th May 1941

Going to be a lovely day. Went out in afternoon. Bought new coat hat shoes & bag. Grey & burgundy. Saw Don in the evening.

Friday 16th May 1941

Lovely morning for a change. Stayed in for a change. Warning during the night woke me up, but went to sleep again.

Thursday 15th May 1941

Fire Drill at the office with water this time. Freddie came through. Still a job to get him. Went to the Metropole. Quite enjoyable. Funny films.

Tuesday 13th May 1941

Went to Battersea Town Hall with Audrey. Saw Don. Fed up so came home at 9pm. Don came home for me. He's had an accident to his ankles.

Monday 12th May 1941

Went to Orange St. for Fire Fighting. Saw Don in evening.

Sunday 11th May 1941

Woke up 10 a.m. Met Don at 2pm. Went to Walton on the Hill & Epsom. Lovely day. Really enjoyed my day.

Saturday 10th May 1941

Went to Wembley Stadium to see the Cup Final with Freddie. Match was a draw. Had a bad air raid. Fires all round. Went to bed at 5am.

Friday 9th May 1941

Went to Benham Works Dance. Celebrated Don's ten bob rise. Saw very little of dance.

Thursday 8th May 1941

Don met me from work. Went home had tea then on to second house Palace. Very poor show. Mum & Hilda like Don.

Wednesday 7th May 1941

Went to the Metropole with Freddie. Saw "So Ends Our Night" Propaganda but quite good. Freddie has got the tickets.

Tuesday 6th May 1941

On Fire Duty tonight. Rang Don. He's coming through Thursday. Freddie trying to get tickets for Wembley Cup Final.

Monday 5th May 1941

Cold morning again. Went to Wandsworth & had drink with Don. Did nothing very special.

Sunday 4th May 1941

Went to tea at Mrs. Foord's. The 1st day of summer. Lovely weather. Went down Horse & Groom later on. Air Raid during night.

Saturday 3rd May 1941

Lovely morning. Went to Metropole with Freddie. Saw "Arise My Love" & "Ghost Train". Both very good. Went down Six Bells. Later Air Raid as soon as Freddie got to the station.

Friday 2nd May 1941

Pay day thank goodness. Been really broke this last week. Went to Putney in evening. Went to dance for about ¾ hr. Got home 11.30pm.

Thursday 1st May 1941

Went to the Horse & Groom. Played darts. Don’t feel too good. Still got sore throat. Got home at eleven.