Wednesday 31st December 1941

Went over to Don's place. He's not so good. Got in late but in time to see the New Year in.

Tuesday 30th December 1941

Don came over in pm. Had been to the doctor's this morning. Doesn't look at all well.

Monday 29th December 1941

Saw Fred & tried to break the news but couldn't. Dropped some very big hints though.

Sunday 28th December 1941

Met Don at Putney & went to Marg & Bert's to ten. Quite a pleasant evening. Mum & Dad went out with Freddie Barnard.

Saturday 27th December 1941

Went to get my engagement ring this afternoon. Lovely thing. Went to the Palace in evening with Mum & Dad. Dead show.

Friday 26th December 1941

Finished work early. Don Beryl & I went to the Kings Arms at 1p.m. went over to Don's place. Went for a pub crawl in evening.

Thursday 25th December 1941

Don slept the night at our place. Came back in afternoon. Very quiet day but very nice. Don had to sleep at our place again.

Wednesday 24th December 1941

Christmas Eve. Went off early. Beryl, Harry, Wynne, Fred & Don came over. All went up West for a drink. Not very successful.

Tuesday 23rd December 1941

On Fire Watch this evening. Had quite a good time. Beer & crackers for a change. Wynne gave me a very nice TT bat.

Monday 22nd December 1941

Had ½ day. Saw "Gangway" with Fred Bebe Daniels & Ben Lyon. Very good show.

Sunday 21st December 1941

Don came over in the morning but I was not ready. Winnie Johnnie & Don came in afternoon. Doris home from Blackpool.

Saturday 20th December 1941

Beryl has not got engaged yet. Fred has got six stitches in his shin. Don't know how he did it yet.

Friday 19th December 1941

Met Sadie. Went down the Cut then had a drink. Very nice girl. Supposed to go to Don's but too dark so he came over.

Thursday 18th December 1941

Don came over. Mum, Dad & Hilda went to the Palace. Don went late.

Wednesday 17th December 1941

Saw Fred. Went to the Dominion. Saw "Hi Gang" & Andy Hardy film. Had a good laugh.

Tuesday 16th December 1941

Don on Home Guard. Did not go out. Did some of the knitting for Hilda.

Monday 15th December 1941

Very dark morning. Don came over. He tried to get some beer for Christmas.

Sunday 14th December 1941

Got home about nine. Don came over. Hilda Don & I went down the lane. Rained all day so Don stopped all day.

Saturday 13th December 1941

Fred came through seeing him this afternoon. Had drink & tried to get a handbag, but shop was shut. Saw "Hatter's Castle" at the Carlton. Very good film. Went on Fire Watch later in the evening.

Friday 12th December 1941

Very close morning. Got home late. Washed my hair. Don came over late. Brought me a lovely amber & silver necklace. Goes beautifully with my new dress.

Thursday 11th December 1941

Can get a lighter at Selfridges. Got one. Fred got off with his club fine. Went over to Don's. Had drink & came home.

Wednesday 10th December 1941

Had ½ day, but can't get Fred a lighter. Went to the Granville with Mum, Hilda & Fred.

Tuesday 9th December 1941

Went to the Pavilion with Fred & saw "Wild Geese Calling" quite a good film. Had a drink at Princes.

Monday 8th December 1941

Dad's birthday. The coldest day we've had this year. We all went to Knightsbridge & had a drink with Don.

Sunday 7th December 1941

Don came over in afternoon. Hilda Don & I went to the Gaumont. Dad met us as it was snowing & a thunderbolt had dropped quite near.

In other news...

The Japanese attacked the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, with the loss of four ships, 2,402 killed and 1,282 wounded. The attack led directly to American involvement in the war.

On the same day Japan also invaded Thailand and British Malaya, and launched aerial attacks on Hong Kong, Singapore, The Philippines and Shanghai.

Saturday 6th December 1941

Got home early. Lay down in afternoon. Felt very tired. Saw Fred in evening. Went to the metropole. Then got Mum & Dad & went to the Sussex. Very crowded after a time so went to the Grand Grill a new place Fred found. Very nice.

Friday 5th December 1941

Don came over & we went to the Palais. Met Berryl & Eddie. Had quite a nice time.

Thursday 4th December 1941

Dull morning. Fred came through before going on 2 days leave. Mum said tonight that I could join up. Don came over in the evening.

Wednesday 3rd December 1941

Fred's birthday. On fire watch in pm. Wynne received a letter from Ted. Heard that JB Hughes is missing.

Also on this day... Conscription in the United Kingdom now includes all men between 18 and 50. Women will serve in fire brigades and in women's auxiliary groups.

Tuesday 2nd December 1941

Very dark morning. Saw Fred in evening. Went to Regal Marble Arch then went to knightsbridge with Mum & Dad.

Monday 1st December 1941

Got the Account to balance. Stopped in for a change in evening.