Sunday 31st May 1942

Don came over in the afternoon. Went back to Mitcham as his mum is ill. She looks pretty rough.

Saturday 30th May 1942

Met Fred & went to Wembley to see the London Cup Final. Portsmouth should have won. Saw "The Man Who Came to Dinner" in the pm.

Friday 29th May 1942

Went off from work early & went shopping with Don's mum. Got 3 tablecloths & 3 pillowcases & Don's mum bought me another tablecloth for my birthday.

Thursday 28th May 1942

Stopped in all evening. Don on HG again. Went to bed a bit earlier.

Wednesday 27th May 1942

My 20th Birthday. Don had ½ day & got tickets for "Happidrome". Very good show except for Hutch. Went out for a drink with Mum afterwards.

Tuesday 26th May 1942

Lovely morning now. Fred came through & asked me to go to Wembley Saturday. Expect I shall go. Stopped in all evening.

Monday 25th May 1942

Went to Reigate. Would have been very nice if the weather had been decent.

Sunday 24th May 1942

Did nothing very special as the weather is so bad. Played billiards cards & draughts then went for a drink.

Saturday 23rd May 1942

Went to the Forum with Don saw "Good Morning Doctor". Not so bad as "Johnny Eager". Slept over at Don's place.

Friday 22nd May 1942

Met Don from work, then went to Putney & saw Robert Taylor in "Johnny Eager". Not so good.

Thursday 21st May 1942

Went to the New Vic & saw “The Died with their Boots On” & the “Night has Eyes”. Very good programme which Hilda and I enjoyed very much.

Wednesday 20th May 1942

Went to Mitcham. Played billiards. Got home on the late bus.

Tuesday 19th May 1942

Worked until 7 then went to a YAC meeting. Got home quite late. Washed my hair then went to bed.

Monday 18th May 1942

Wet morning. Don came over from work. Did not go out as weather was so miserable. Don left early.

Sunday 17th May 1942

Went to the Park with Hilda & Eric. Met Don over there. He'd got his bike out. Went to Mitcham in the afternoon but as it was so dull did not go out.

Saturday 16th May 1942

Don met me just as I was going out to meet him. Went to Putney & saw Abbott & Costello in "Keep on Flying". Quite a good film.

Friday 15th May 1942

Up early. Met Fred & saw Reap the Wild Wind". The best film I’ve seen for ages. Went to Princes & had a couple of drinks.

Thursday 14th May 1942

On Fire Watch tonight & Don on HG. Met don in the pm for a little while. Played Table Tennis till one am Friday morning.

Wednesday 13th May 1942

Went to Mitcham in the evening. Played Billiards with Don. Came home about 9.30 pm. Took a long time to get home.

Tuesday 12th May 1942

Very dull morning. Not seeing Don as he is on HG. Stopped in all pm. Washed my two new frocks. Look OK at the moment.

Monday 11th May 1942

Don starts work again today. Fred rang me first thing this morning. Don came over from work. Stopped in & helped Hilda do her homework.

Sunday 10th May 1942

Played Billiards with Dad in the am. Had late dinner then went to the Granada Tooting. Not a bad film. Don left late again.

Saturday 9th May 1942

Don & Helen came at 2 o’clock. We all went to Hampton Court on the river. Went back to Mitcham. Had a lovely time. Bought fish & chips on the way home. Went back to Mitcham on the last bus.

Friday 8th May 1942

Don came over in the p.m. Hilda Don & I went out for a spree. Went to the Sussex, then Daly’s then to the new pub we found. Had a lovely time.

Thursday 7th May 1942

Don met me from work & went straight on to Ida’s. Weather turned a bit dull in the evening. Don caught his late bus for the first time this week.

Wednesday 6th May 1942

Lovely morning. Don came to meet me again. Went to the Battersea Park in the evening. Allottment [sic] coming on ok.

Tuesday 5th May 1942

Had ½ day & Don & I went to Belmont. Quite a nice day but not so hot as Sunday. Got home quite late.

Monday 4th May 1942

Don had an accident. Nearly lost one eye. Filed the wrong way & nearly filed his eye out. Met me from work. Eye looks bad.

Sunday 3rd May 1942

Went out for the day with Don. Went to Walton on the hill. Lovely hot day. Went on Fire Watch later on in the pm.

Saturday 2nd May 1942

Don came over early. Went to see Arthur Askey in "Back Room Boys". Not bad.

Friday 1st May 1942

Went to get the ½ dinner service we saw Monday but the shop was shut. Went back to work & played TT. Saw Don later in the evening.