Saturday 8th March 1941

Blitz came back to London in evening. Fairly lively. Had my ends permed. Doesn’t look so bad.

On this day: The Cafe de Paris, London's most fashionable nightclub, was packed out. Officers on leave and their girlfriends, a wedding party and a birthday party danced to the music of 'Snakehips' Johnson. Nobody bothered when the sirens wailed, the nightclub was underground and they felt safe. Anyway, there was a war on and everybody was determined to have a good time while they were still alive. Just before 10 o'clock a bomb crashed through the roof and exploded on the dance-floor - killing 33 of the revellers and wounding scores more. 'Snakehips' was decapitated. Among the dead were all the people around one table; their open bottle of champagne still sanding upright in the centre, with not a drop spilt.

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